Virtual Reality

- do you want to reach your audience on a higher level?

Pioneers in VR storytelling

Immersive Stories are pioneers in storytelling in VR. We produce a range of VR experiences from cinematic 360 VR film to interactive computer-generated 3D environments. 


Work areas from science to art

We have made VR concepts in the fields of life and natural sciences, architecture and art, learning and education, music, entertainment and design for public and commercial clients to be published online, in apps or at exhibitions and events.  


We manage the process from A to Z

We manage the process from A to Z, from conceptualization to production and publishing. In addition to the VR experience we produce teaser trailers and content to a variety of social media platforms to promote your content.

Aurora Borealis

A Cinematic VR-film and interactive VR-experience in coorporation with DTU, supported by the Danish FIlm Institute and Canada Media Fund. 

I Love to Bike

A VR-film for Visit Copenhagen, Designmuseum Denmark and Le Bicolore


A VR-film and 360 degrees screen installation for Johannes Larsen Museet.

We dare you

A interactive VR installation for Danish Archicture Center.

Tag udfordringen op

VR-film campaign for Ulandssekreatariatet supported by Danida

Springet / The Leap

Award winning VR-film about the creative processes of world known architect Dorte Mandrup

Supported by the Danish Film Institute and Dreyer fond

Et liv

A VR-film - a life told in 7 minutes - for DR og Eksperitarium


Kap sejlads

VR-film for TV2 Øst