Et liv

Et liv (i.e. A life)


  • VR-film
  • Plug & play VR headset solutions
  • Events
  • Teaser trailer online


  • DR
  • Eksperimentarium
  • SMK  


Engage a young audience in a journalistic overall focus on ‘Your magnificent body’ in a series of DR events and exhibitions carried out together with partners. The experience should be carried by fascination and curiosity to spark an interest in how the body works and in science in general.

The experience

Try living a life in 7 minutes, from being born to the end of life – all seen through the eyes of the main character Nikolai.

What we did 

Immersive Stories created the story of Nikolai following the different stages in life and how it affects your senses and perspectives. The VR-film was told from a first person’s point of view and let the user experience the world as seen from the main character, Nikolai’s, eyes and ears. From being born going from the safe nest of your moms womb where sounds and sight is blurred by the water surrounding you, to your 75th birthday where sound and sight meets limitations again, the hearing aid howls and the far and away vision is unclear.

Immersive Stories made the VR-experience, the plug and play VR headset solution and together with DR co-organized several events, as well as creating a teaser trailer for and social medias. In addition, Immersive Stories delivered plug & play solutions of the VR-experience for Eksperimentarium and Statens Museum for Kunst.

Immsersive Stories created a teaser trailer to promote the VR experience at and social media

Immersive Stories and DR co-produced several events and together with Experimentarium held a VR pop up exhibition 4 weeks at Experimentarium. Read more here