What we do

Immersive Stories is a one-stop-shop production company specializing in VR and podcasts. We manage the process from A to Z, taking your idea from conceptualization to production through to launching online, via apps or with events or exhibitions.

Immersive Stories are pioneers in innovative storytelling in VR. We produce a range of VR experiences from cinematic 360 VR film to fully interactive computer-generated 3D environments.

We challenge the podcast sound to create curious and connecting pictures in the imagination of the listener.

Work areas and clients 

Immersive Stories is an award-winning production company working in areas of architecture, art, design, natural and life science, health care, education, public relations and branded content.

Connect with your audience in new ways

We create experiences that let the audience build an empathetic and engaging connection with your content, brand or story - to be moved, to learn, to be entertained, to be involved, to experience something out of the box.

We can create an endless stream of realities and stories within a few square meters. We design and produce plug and play VR concepts for exhibitions and events.

We do talks in Denmark and abroad. Book a workshop, a talk or a consultation and let us introduce you to the world of VR and podcasts.

Immersive Stories is an award-winning production company focusing on storytelling, engaging experiences and user centered innovation. 



Immersive Stories

Siljangade 1-3

DK-2300 Copenhagen S

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