The Leap

The Leap – Inside Architect Dorte Mandrup’s mind

Danish title: Springet  


  • VR-film (Danish and English), 21 min. 
  • Plug & play solution in Oculus Go VR-headset
  • 360 degrees video on curved screens
  • Podcast online and in exhibitions


The Leap is an independent production initiated by Immersive Stories with the support of The Danish Film Institute, Realdania and the Dreyer Foundation. The VR-documentary invites the viewer on a journey to UNESCO World Heritage sites of the Icefjord in Greenland and The Wadden in Denmark to experience how world-famous architecture is shaped by unique landscapes, climate and human conditions. Listen to the ice cracking in Greenland, see the endless horizon of the Wadden Sea and follow how this is turn into an artistic vision.

The Leap lets the viewer step inside internationally acclaimed Danish architect Dorte Mandrup’s universe to discover how aesthetics, functionality and sustainability are woven closely together to create landmark architecture. And get insights into one of the most influential Scandinavian architect’s work and vision.

The Leap follows the exceptional work methods close at hand during the creation of the iconic Wadden Sea Center by the West Coast of Denmark as well as the Isfjord Center in Greenland, to see the creative process unfold from the poetic sensations of the magnificent landscapes to idea generation, modeling, testing and concept development.

Credits The Leap: Directors Ane Skak and Niels Bjørn. Producer Ane Skak. Cinemaphotographer Maria E. Larsen and Frederik Wolf Teglhus. Animation and graphic design Hodja Berlev. Stitching and editing Dante Høst and Nanna Rebekka. Sound design Jamie Louis Thurman. Color grading Christian Schwanenflügel. Scenography Kirstine Auener and Oscar Pontén. Lighting Elke Laleman. App Janus Heiberg. 

Read more about The Leap (in Danish) at DAC

The Leap explores the VR storytelling in the cross field between live action images, animation and 3D-modelling using the spatiality and feeling of dimensions unique to VR to bring new understandings about the complexity of architecture and the connectivity between nature and humans to the viewer.

Finalist Best documentary VR-film at Vancouver International Film Festival Immersed, Canada 2019

Winner of Best cinematic VR-film at Byron Bay International Film Festival, Australian 2019

360 degrees video

Adapted drone shots from the Icefjord in Ilullisat, Greenland projected on a curved soft curtain screen that enveloped the architectural model of the Isfjordscenter exhibited at DAC.

From the Dorte Mandrup exhibition 'Umistelige landskaber' at the DAC using 360 degrees video, VR film in Oculus Go headsets and podcast coming up from the thatched roof on the floor. 


Two podcast episodes going in depths with the creative process of the creation of Isfjordscenter and Vadehavscentret. A portrait of architect Dorte Mandrup’s mindset on architecture and the role of architecture. The guest in DAC could listen to the podcast coming up from the thatched roof on the floor in the exhibition as well as online on and the independent podcast Bylyd.  

Podcast about Vadehavscentret (in Danish) at Bylyd 

Podcast about Isfjordscentret (in Danish) at Bylyd 

Supported by The Danish Film Institute, Realdania and the Dreyer Foundation.

Has been exhibited or screened at

  • CPH:DOX at Charlottenborg Kunsthal, Copenhagen, Denmark (World premiere at the official VR Cinema selection, Marts 2019)
  • The National Danish Center for Architecture, at BLOX, Copenhagen, Denmark (exhibited Marts – May 2019)
  • NextM Conference, Stockholm, Sweden (April 2019)
  • Docavive Film Festival, Tel Aviv, Israel (Official VR Cinema selection, May 2019)
  • Aedes Architecture Forum, Berlin, Germany (exhibited, August - September 2019)
  • Vancouver International Film Festival Immersed, Canada (FINALIST Best documentary VR-film, October 2019)
  • Nashville International Film Festival, Nashville, USA (VR & 360 Film Competition, October 2019)
  • Hlava International Documentary Film Festival, Prague, Czech Republic (Official VR Cinema Selection, October 2019)
  • Byron Bay International Film Festival, Australian (WINNER of Best cinematic VR-film, October 2019)
  • Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam, Amsterdam (Official VR Cinema Selection, October 2019)
  • Festival dei Popoli, International Documentary Film Festival, Firenze, Italy (November 2019)