Liv i fremtiden

Liv i fremtiden (i.e. Life in the Future)


LIF and Medicoindustrien


Podcast series online on all common available podcast platforms and at client’s websites + LIVE on-stage version of podcast at Folkemødet Bornholm 2019.


To illuminate the future of health care with the focus on the use of new technology, big data and innovative solutions from Danish companies and institutions. The target audience was people having a contact with or an interest in the Danish health care system.

What we did

Immersive Stories created a podcast series that intertwined a personal case story with reportage elements and expert interviews. Each episode had an overall theme, like Body Surveillance from the Outside and Inside or From Sick Care to Health Care. The podcast series were taking a in depth and story driven take on the material to open it up to a broad audience.

The podcast was available on all major podcast platforms in Denmark as well on the client’s website and were promoted trough newsletters, social feeds and in a printed magazine.

Read more about the podcast series at  - or listen to all episodes her

A live version was held on stage at Folkemødet, Bornholm with panel debates with expects like Christiane Vejlø and Anders Kjærulff, research cases like The Mobile Micro Lab and Insideables unfold on stage and with questions from a live audience.